18/09/16 - 18/01/17

About this special place

October 31, 2016

Yayasan Saraswati Environmental School was founded by Gisela v. Keiser and Rainer Grenkowitz in 2009.

From day one, the mission of the school has been to offer the local children of the community lessons in English free of charge as well as projects that are directed towards environmental education and protection.

All activities and lessons are organized by a varying team of passionate teachers and volunteers from all over the world.

The school project is sustained by an incoming flow of donations and the generosity, gratitude and enthusiasm of the people who want to give back to the children of Bondalem.

My Last Day

January 13, 2017

I will miss all of you and a big thank you to Komang Adi and Ciara for helping me teach these wonderful kids.

Community project DAY

November 6, 2016

The school had a the goal to encourage the community to put their rubbish in the bins instead of throwing it away into the environment, More importantly to create awareness about environmental issues and pollution. On November 6th, 2016 we installed two new rubbish collection bins in Bondalem - one at the beach and one right across our school. Two teams were formed. One was in charge of beautifully decorating the bins and the other was busy collecting as much rubbish in the area as they could find.

Picture above: Komang Arya's team and their wonderful outcome of their hard work.